Huawei Nova 2 Review

Huawei Nova’s new series Nova 2 coming soon this year. This entry level phone seems that this is the mid range phone into fruition. Rumoured information said that Huawei Nova 2 has a different design and This phone look like iPhone 7.


Huawei Nova 2 is appealing smartphone and it feels dense. Not sure however may be plastic inserts at the pinnacle and backside of its returned. And may be these bits of plastic are what inform you this is a barely lower-fee smartphone than the iPhone 7. If we lower back to Nova collection’s smartphone Huawei Nova then it’s a bit hard to get enthusiastic about the Huawei Nova’s design, although, because it looks as if a half of dozen different phones Huawei has made through the years, together with a few inexpensive fashions. You might count on a clever layout spark to accompany the “Nova” call, but there is not one. The construct is strong, however the fashion is pedestrian.

If you’re happy shopping for Huawei, you are probable no longer an obsessed phone fashionista, even though, and the Huawei Nova 2 has an incredibly smooth-going layout for everyday use. Rumored that Nove 2’s very similar in size to the Samsung Galaxy S7, shaving off a half of millimetre of width thanks to its ever-so-slightly smaller display screen.

Like many Huawei phones, the Nova has a fingerprint scanner on the again. While it seems, anecdotally, a fragment slower than that of the Huawei P9, it is nonetheless very speedy and dependable, and unlocks the telephone simply through resting your finger within the indented sensor on the lower back. No button press is needed. The scanner sits right beneath where your forefinger clearly rests, and is a wonderfully exact alternative to the the front scanners utilized in iPhones and Samsung Galaxy phones, even though less available when the phone is sat on a table. Huawei has nailed fingerprint scanners for a while now, and it does not disappoint here.

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