Flipkart online shopping in india

Flipkart is a site of online shopping in india headquartered in bangalore, karnataka. It changed into based in 2007 by means of sachin bansal and binny bansal. The agency is registered in singapore. Flipkart has released its own product variety underneath the name “digiflip” with products which include drugs, usbs, and computer luggage. As of april 2017, the organisation was worth $11.6 billion.

History of flipkart online shopping in india

Flipkart was founded in 2007 by means of sachin and binny bansal, both alumni of the indian institute of generation delhi. They labored for amazon.com, and left to create their new organization incorporated in october 2007 as flipkart online offerings pvt. ltd. The primary product they bought was the e book leaving microsoft to trade the sector to a customer from hyderabad. Flipkart now employs more than 33,000 people. In october and november 2011, flipkart received the web sites mime360.com and chakpak.com. Later, in february 2012, the organization discovered its new flyte virtual tune save. Flyte, a felony music download provider inside the vein of itunes and amazon.com, supplied drm-loose mp3 downloads. But it turned into shut down on 17 june 2013 as paid music downloads did now not get famous in india because of the advent of free track streaming web sites.

After the achievement of its 2014 big billion sale, flipkart completed a second huge billion sale. Wherein it is said that they saw a business turnover of $300 million in gross products extent. In 2015, flipkart offered a minority stake in navigation and path optimization startup mapmyindia to help enhance its delivery the usage of map my india property.

Coverage of flipkart online shopping in india

These are some of the perks of shopping online at flipkart. Go back policies vary from product to product. As an instance, you buy one of the modern mobiles online, say a redmi be aware 4 or lenovo k6 strength, and you discover that, lamentably,there’s some harm that occurred to the smartphone. We’re very precise that not even a small mistake from our aspect ought to damage your purchasing enjoy. As a result, we give you the convenience to return your cell smartphone each time inside a certain quantity of days of your purchase. However, if you shopped on flipkart for a couple of girls’ jeans or denim from levis, wrangler, diesel or the like from our widespread online apparel shop, but alas they turned out to be of a slightly different coloration, we might be glad to go back it for you as soon as feasible and produce you the outfit which you just desired.

Whilst you order something online, you would like to get it brought as quickly as possible, and flipkart stands only for that. Purchase your favored manufacturers on the quality prices in india, and get them added at the doorstep as short as possible. Along with the use of the nice logistics provider to deliver your order, you could without difficulty music your shipment using your email identification and tracking identity.

Flipkart is one online shopping site that has made it possible for customers even in the far flung areas of india to avail products from the best brands at low prices online. Considering the existing life-style of people, it’s no surprise that they choose to shop for online maximum of the products that they need on a day by day foundation like garments for males and females, electronics, mobiles, domestic home equipment, products for non-public beauty and care , and the like. The ultimate comfort of getting to certainly browse via their favourite on line purchasing website and vicinity orders from the consolation of their home, and get it brought inside the shortest time possible at their doorstep is a carrier that is unbeatable.

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