Top 10 online shopping site in Bangladesh

There measure lots of online shopping site In bangladesh. Here may be a list of high ten online shopping site In bangladesh supported Alexa ranking. Have additional online shopping website and there business conjointly smart however alexa raking is completely different issue.

online shopping website can convert your brick. This sort of shopping is extra smooth due to the fact a lot of client ordered by absolutely a click. Sitting at domestic you could view, select, order, build fee and attain transport of your favored product right away. That’s why it getting extra popular.

E-commerce association of Bangladesh (e-cab) working on online awareness in Bangladesh. E-commerce has been in Bangladesh since the late 90s.  All online shopping sites are included in e-cab. Now a days, a large number of people in Bangladesh prefer shopping online because online shopping site in Bangladesh save time and energy.

More online shopping site coming and many companies starting their online business. Here is a list of top 10 alexa ranking online shopping site in Bangladesh-

SL No. Online Shopping Site In Bangladesh Alexa Rank in BD
1. 21
2. 41
3. 132
4. 208
5. 260
6. 309
7. 327
8. 332
9. 645
10. 680


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