How to use Tasker

Most of the people think Tasker is a Task Control or Task Automation App. But it is basically the Android programming App. People can use it for making Android Mini App.

Tasker Term:

This app contains many types of concepts. According to the logic of it all once it is understood how a powerful apps.

Action: This is the Basic Element of tasker. This phone / tablet functions or features that help move a Certain State. Tasker have 21 Category  and more than 200 support actions.

Task: This is a group of actions. Basically, the trigger or help to connect to the Context. Can move a task to another task. A tasker can be clone, export, import, or can be locked.

Context: conditions used to judge the authenticity.

Profile: Context is used in a variety of packages and are used to connect to Task. You can use a single profile of Context. And each condition must be true.

Variable: It is commonly used numbers are unknown. Generally, It used for date, battery level.

Scene: It is used for Button, Menu, Pop up, and in the case of other Ul Element. Normal users are used.

Project: Project are the group of profile, task, scenes and Variable.

It is flexible for mobile operating system. Mini Android app of the app is very useful for them.

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