Easily Get Fake Facebook Account

The world’s highest social network Facebook. 3.5 billion are users of  facebook but almost 30% of Facebook users is fake. So stay away from these fake accounts and funds should keep an eye on things.

  1. Identify Fake Profile Picture:

When facebook friend request come,we first see the profile picture. What is the profile picture of the fake accounts for approximately celebrity photos, children, or any other kind of picture. First, check whether the correct profile picture.

  1. Download the profile picture.
  2. Go to Google Image Search for searching image.
  3. From here you can get the same or similar images shot. And would understand if the account is fake.
  4. Wait For 1st January:

This is the best way to find out a fake account. Most of the fake account has a birthday on 1st January. Since the time of account opening date comes first. Most people know that it was selected.

  1. Contact and Number:

Check the about option and find the contact number . Girls are does not use phone number in her profile. If contact number is given to the girl an account, then stay away from the ID.

  1. Checkout Their Timeline:

Check Account timeline. The post will be shared and all the comment. When he shares his wall nobody has any answers, whether or Irrelevant whether some shares, then you would understand if a fake account.

  1. Keep an eye on User Activities:

Check if quickly increase the number of friend. If the account is added to multiple groups as well as 100% fake.

  1. Check Their Friends:

This approach will help to identify you very quickly. If number of friend is more global than local then sure something is wrong.

What to do for fake account

  1. Unfriend him/her.
  2. Tell friends and family about this account, so they can stay alert.

3.No, do not add unknown on Facebook.


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