Important information of Android Phone

Keep some important information about android phone.  Online shopping site and showroom all of there are available this. There are many types of tips about this. But the most important tasks are:

  1. Changing Default Apps:

Default Apps for certain work if your Android phone is set, you can change it.

How to work,

  1. Go to “select Apps” from setting.
  2. All Tab has the right bar.
  3. Select the app name from there, click on the app you want to remove.
  4. Click the “Clear Defaults”.


  1. How to Check for Android System Updates:

If Android users are using the Stock ROM, then update the system check.

  1. Go to Setting.
  2. Select the About Phone / Tablet.
  3. Select “System Updates”.
  4. Click “Check Now to update the system”.


  1. Organize Homescreen Shortcuts with folders:

There’s a lot of apps installed on your phone. If your phone’s home screen is filled up with app shortcuts.

How to organize this-

  1. If a shortcut to the home screen, press and hold for long time on one of them. And drug this app to another app shortcut.
  2. Now the app has been built around the circle. And that tells you there was a folder.
  3. The application of the new folder will pop up showing your home screen. See, there is a small window showing.
  4. If you want to rename the Folder. Click the folder option allows you to change the name of the folder.
  5. Disable Animation:

This information is very important. Smooth your phone to keep a lot of role. Keep your phone Disable Animation option. Developer options will have access to your phone for. “About Device Developer Option” or “setting” for disable animation.

Some phones will require your phone to Build Number. As long as “You Are Now A Developer” Tap will continue till then. See the developer the option Enabled.

See the Developer option have Windows Animation Scale, Transition animation scale, and animation duration scale options. Then select “OFF” option at a time for all option.

  1. How to turn off Auto-Correction:

Some times when we typing some text it give some suggestion. And for a long time, the heart can not be written correctly. So I like the type of Auto-Correction option to turn OFF.

How to-

  1. Go to Setting.
  2. Select the Language & Input.
  3. Tap the Setting Icon. Which means that you use the key board. (Eg Google Keyboard)
  4. Now, find and Auto- Correction.
  5. Select “OFF”.

To keep your android phone good it will help you.

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