Important information for Android users

If you get a good experience for using android phone, then must have to do some work.

Data are:

  1. Disable App Notification:

After a while there are variety of notifications for apps. Which is annoying. And this is not good for the battery. So you turn off notifications app. How to Turn Off the Jelly Bean 4.1.

  • If you have any annoying apps notifications bar, then long press on the apps. Keep press until it comes to a massage.
  • Select App info. Then click on Untick Show Notification. Now click OK.
  1. Disable Mobile Data:

If you do not need to Keep Mobile Data then keep it off. Because if the battery charge soon come to an end on the data.

How to disable-

  • First, go to Setting and select Data Usage.
  • Click on the Data Enabled Data to Off.
  1. Set Mobile Data Limit:

Capacity of the phone can be set to increase mobile data limit.

  • Go to
  • Select data usage.
  • The orange line is the bottom limit of the data set.
  • Select the Data Usage Cycle from start to finish, from the data that will be required.
  1. Add Multiple Google Account:

Together more than one Google account you want to use a phone.


  • Go to
  • Click the Add Account.
  • Click Google and select Set Up your new or existing google account.
  • Click the Add. You can use several accounts together.
  1. Disable Automatic App Update:

A lot of time on the phone app is automatically updated. Which is annoying. To turn off automatic updating will be done

  • Play Store Open.
  • Go to top for setting.
  • Select the Auto Update App.
  • Select the Do Not Auto update.

To be continued….

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