How to Find A Good quality Android Phone

Some things you need to know before buying Android Phone. Now, you remember the good quality Android phone. I noticed a few things to be careful before buying the phone.

Note objects-

  1. If you decide to purchase any brand of phone to buy early. You can also buy branded phone call, or buy Non Brand.
  2. Most important that what is your budget. When the phone’s choice is the most important shot.
  3. RAM is the most important topics of phone’s configuration. RAM 1GB bottom of the phone when not never think of buying. Because the phone’s RAM should be as low as your phone will be slow.
  4. Now whether the processor is right for phonr’s RAM. Dual Core processor is good for phone. There are a lot of good in the phone’s processor, RAM is not enough to lower prices. So more seriously.
  5. The fact that most of the phone users to face the battery trouble. If the battery capacity is not good when the phone is difficult to use. Minimum 2200 mAh battery is good. And if the Lithium-Polymer battery, if there is such a word.
  6. Check before you buy whether the Super AMOLED display. Super AMOLED display with a little more than the price of the phone. There are also the IPS display, which is less than the cost of the phone is charged.
  7. GPU is minimum mali-450 is good for phone. However, the low price of the phone in the mail-400 & Poor’s.
  8. Check your phone’s Camera and Sensor well.
  9. Now updated to Android Nougat arrived. So know your phone can be updated to Android Nougat is.
  10. Phone Sim Slot, SD Card Slot and take a look at Internal Storage.
  11. Now local brand phones are rebranded from china set. So before buy this know about that what is the real brand. For that way you somewhat understand the quality of the smartphone.

Keeping these issues in buying Android phones are expected to get a standard phone.

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