Dual camera smartphones in the first row

Now people buy a smartphone for the first time that the notice is photography. And for lovers of photography can be a powerful dual camera smartphone. Online Shopping sites in the mobile market and has shot several smartphones with dual cameras.

These include:

iPhone 7 Plus: Apple phones there is no shortage of every human weakness. Apple’s iPhone has been the powerful Dual Camera 7 plus. Where f / 1.8 and f /2 .8 aperture. 2x optical zoom and flash and also has a sophisticated dual camera smartphone.

Huawei Honor 6X: Huawei’s new smartphone Huawei Honor 6X have been added 6 CPI ons to the phone. It also has autofocus and Face Detection. The phone is the first to have 12 megapixel sensor, and the other 2 mega pixel sensor. Dual smartphone in front of the camera has been added to this great 8 mega pixel sensor. The phone is now available in the Chinese market.

Lenovo Phub 2 Plus: The 13 and the 8 mega pixel IP Phone has a flash FDI. PDAF laser autofocus and f /2 .0 of the smartphone camera aperture specification.

LG G5: The 16 megapixel and 8 mega pixel camera phones in the smartphone Dual quite popular. The smartphone has a camera f / 1.8 aperture, Face Detection and optical Image Stabilization. And there is a second camera f / 2.8 aperture and 135 degree angle. 8 mega pixel camera has been added to the front of the phone.

LG X Cam: A smartphone LG LG Dual cameras have been added to the X-Cam. The 13-megapixel front camera and a 5 mega pixel camera. And the 5 mega pixel camera has been added.

Those smartphones are quite popular of Dual Powerful Camera’s smartphone.

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