Longer Battery Life of OnePlus 3T

Bigger battery is the special specification of OnePlus 3T.In addition to simply bumping up the battery capacity to 3,400 mAh.Its battery is last longer between charges.The bis improvement of this smartphone is OnePlus 3T dropped only 4% overnight.

Now it well lasts a whole day on a one charge and that we had at least 10% left within the tank at bedtime usually.The charging of this smartphone is too fast.It has dash charge power adapter and cable which took just over 70 minutes to reach 100% charge from Zero charge.This fastest charging device can also be charged using any USB charger, but it takes at a standard rate.

This battery capacity is the slight increment of Oneplus’s after OnePlus 3.This battery lasted 16 hours and 7 minutes on engadget’s battery test,which is involves looping an video of HD quality with the screen set to 50 percent brightness until the device conks out.OnePlus 3T is almost six hours more than the run time of OnePlus 3.And this is the two hours longer than Google Pixel XL.

This smartphone can tackle larger games and apps without much effort.The fast charging technology of this company which can top of  the smartphone quickly without overheating.You can use this smartphone with just 30 minutes plugged in,It’s claimed the smartphone can last full day.

Overall about the battery,Turn the OnePlus 3T off and so connect the Dash charger, though, and you’ll get a quicker top-up, which just about gets the firm out of the opening it’s dug for itself.

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