Note some important tips on Facebook

Good to know some of the things on Facebook. Facebook are different things sometimes difficulties. Some important things to know on facebook-

  1. Save the news feed:

Your news feed is a matter which needs more detailed view.But because of time constraints do not you give it back? Then you can save it for later viewing. So that the small arrow on the right side of the post to go there. Then select the Save Link.

  1. Annimated the Image of profile:

If you want it is possible to animated your image of profile in facebook.For this go to picture from facebook mobile app.Then select “Take a new profile video” and after that uploaded the video.

  1. Video autoplay off:

Many users are having problems because of Facebook’s news feed and videos Auto Play. Bandwith especially those with limited or speed it reinforces their problems. It is so hard to stop. This will be done for this-

Go to profile the Facebook login from PC. Go to the corner on the right side of the “Settings”. Find  this at the bottom of the column on the left side of the “Videos”.Then click “Auto Play Videos” option and select “off”.

Facebook Android app open and click on the left side of the line, as well as three.Find The “App Settings” from the “Autoplay”.WiFi connection to keep it going during the “On Wi-Fi Connections Only” You can select. The “Never Autoplay Videos” which can take longer to select autoplay will not bother you.

  1. Stop see the post of annoying friends:

If you feel bad for post of annoying people on your buddy list then unfollow them. So you will not see their posts anymore. Select “unfollow” option to “following”.

  1. On this Day:

If you want to see on your Facebook profile, a year earlier Use This Day feature. After logging in to Facebook will be typing this

  1. Activity Log:

All activities are stored in log-in to your Facebook Activity. This upper right side of your profile sign that there is a small drop-down list to find the option.

  1. Difference between friend and follower:

What will be posted if they are just followers,you can select this from setting. Who will be your follower addition, it allows you to set.The account settings “Followers” Select.You find it there.

  1. Others view your profile:

Want to know how your profile looks to others? Just click on the desktop by logging into the upper right side of the hatch.and select the view as option.

  1. Hide the friend list:

Your friend list so that others can not see the desktop go to the Friends. And to mark the right side of the pen to edit, select Privacy. You find it there.


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