Important tips to extend smartphones battery life

Everyone really concerned about smartphones battery life. Have some important tips and tricks that help to extend your smartphones battery life.

Install latest operating system.If your smartphone running in the old version os which contains bugs, it may cause the battery to drain overnight, even without any use. So always update your phone to the latest version of OS.

-Dim the screen brightness.Smartphone’s large and colorful display are the reason of down battery. Dim or auto screen brightness is good for smartphone’s battery.

-Disable application notification. If you disabled your smartphone’s application notification then it extend your smartphone’s battery.

-Turn off wifi connection.Turn off your wifi connection because it used huge battery charge.

-Turn on airplane mode when you are no coverage area. When you reach no coverage area then turn on your phone’s airplane mode.

-Turn off your phones vibration.

-Most important things is charge your smartphone’s battery correctly.

-Maintain cool temperature.Keep your smartphone out of the sun. Its most important tips for your smartphone’s battery last longer.

-It will be a good practice to auto-lock your phone, so that whenever your phone is not in use it will be locked and turned off automatically. This will save your battery power being wasted.So turn on auto lock of your phone.

-It may not always have a positive effect on the battery, but it doesn’t hurt to occasionally reboot the phone. It makes sure you start with a clean slate with as few apps running in the background as possible.So reboot your phone ossasionally.

If you maintain all the things carefully hope you will get a better solution for your smartphone’s battry problem.

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