Camera of Xiaomi Mi5

The flagship device Xiaomi Mi5 comes with wonderful design,good camera configuration,powerful battery and different mode display.This handset comes with 16 Mpxl great configuration camera.This primary camera with a Dual-tone LED Flash and 4 Mpxl front camera with bigger, 2 micron pixel.

The rear camera are capable for shooting video at up to 4k. Also shooting in good lighting. Images that I took had a great amount of dynamic range and were very sharp and detailed. The dual-LED flash to the right of the camera module was helpful in evening out skin tones, and the 4-axis optical image stabilization worked well and helped reduce motion blur.

Xiaomi has bumped up the pixel size of its 4 MP f/2.0 front-facing camera, and I was generally happy with the selfies that the Mi 5 produced. Skin softening is turned on by default, and you may want to turn it off for more candid and realistic results.


It’s built-in camera app is of notable quality, with an easy to use auto mode and an advanced manual mode. The manual mode does allow control over white balance, focus, exposure time, and ISO, which should be plenty for intermediate or advanced photographers.

And a notable flaw is the fact that slow motion is unavailable if you’re shooting in full-HD or 4K resolution, and you have to manually switch to 720p through the settings to make slow motion video shooting possible. This adds unnecessary steps to the procedure, and the app should really have been programmed to automatically switch to the lower resolution required when slow motion is selected. What is also bothersome is the fact that the camera is a bit slow to focus, and you can’t always shoot as quickly as you like.


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