Important tips for smartphone

Disable your background data for non essential apps- If you want to fast your mobile phone disable your background data for non essential apps. Many apps run in background that you are not using. So disable this and app notification that you are not need. Also disable cellular data, apps and apps notification.

Don’t use smartphone when it is charging- It is risky for you. So don’t use your smartphone when it is charging.

Extent battery with low power mode- When your smartphone battery is at low percentage you don’t use this. Go to setting-> battery-> Low Power mode.And Use real cable of your phones when you charged your smartphone. It will be hurry and good for your phone.

Use the volume button to snap your picture.Don’t use the digital zoom on your smartphone. Its not good for your mobile phone.Don’t use unuseful app and games.


Customize your homescreen- Nothing will make a smartphone feel like it’s yours than a customized home screen. Take time to set up the wallpaper, the colors, and the home screen icons just the way you want them. There is almost no limit to how much you can customize your phone with apps, widgets, notifications, ringtones, and more. Make it business-like, make it stylish, or make it zany, but above all, make it yours.Set mobile data limit of your smartphone.

Utilize your hotspot- While you almost certainly bought your device as a communications and web browsing tool, your smartphone can also act as your very own personal Wi-Fi hub. Learn how to activate your smartphone’s hotspot.Smartphone hotspots use your carrier’s network to create a local Wi-Fi network that can support up to 10 enabled devices, including laptops, tablets, gaming devices.


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