Battery Life of Meizu M3s

Meizu’s M series smartphone Meizu M3S comes with 13 Mpxl rear camera and user experience of Meizu M3S is best. 13 Mpxl Camera and 5 Mpxl fornt camera are the camera specification of Meizu M3S. The M series’ third generation flagship device name the Meizu M3S  goes promising high end smartphone features and all out like a metal body, above average performance,a big display, a competent camera and superb battery life.

Meizu M3S powered by 3020 mAh battery life. It gives solid uptime on a single charge. It’s a 30% upgrade over its predecessor, which already managed above average score of 69 hours.Naturally, we tested the phone in Performance Power Mode. You can save a few more hours on the Balanced Plan, if you like.This battery is not user replacable.Meizu M3s smartphone carried 3020 mAh removable battery. This flagship device carries superb battery life.


And yet, the m3s and its Helio P10 managed to surprise us. The phone aced the 3G talk battery test, as it did the web browsing and video playback routines. Its standby endurance, in both single and dual SIM mode, turned out way above average.With such great scores on the individual tests, the Meizu m3s’s overall endurance rating very good. That means you can use the m3s for just shy of 3 full days if you are to make an hour each of 3G talks, web browsing and video playback a day. Such usage pattern is of course entirely artificial, but we’ve established it so our battery results are comparable across devices.

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