Camera of Meizu M3 Note

Meizu’s M series smartphone Meizu M3 Note comes with 13 Mpxl rear camera and user experience of Meizu M3 Note is best. 13 Mpxl Camera and 5 Mpxl fornt camera are the camera specification of Meizu M3 Note. The M series’ third generation flagship device name the Meizu M3 Note goes promising high end smartphone features and all out like a metal body, above average performance,a big display, a competent camera and superb battery life.

The camera offer images with just right amount of saturation and accurate color reproduction, regardless of lighting conditions, excessive noise and often distracted from the overall picture. It’s camera has autofocus. There have been some minor camera software for improvements and the quality of the meizu m3 note’s camera seems to be very similar to that of Meizu M2 Note. 13MP camera sensor that’s capable of capturing 4208x3120px snaps. There is also a dual tone LED flash that should allow for more pleasing colors in low light flash photos. This phone has dual tone LED flash. For auto mood you have the option to turn on HDR (but no automatic HDR), gridlines for the viewfinder and a level gauge. There’s also an option to enable a timer of either  3, 5 or 10 seconds.

The HDR mode is meant to bringing back details in the highlights and the shadows. On the Meizu m3 note it does a very good job, and sometimes it even produces more accurate colors than the Auto mode. Finally, you can check out a 5MP image taken with the front-facing camera of the device. It offers more than enough detail for a selfie camera, the colors are great as is the contrast.

For see full specification click the image


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